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  • Organizational diagnosis
  • Organizational design
  • Leadership and organizational culture improvements
  • Change management
  • Performance management


Helping managers and entrepreneurs to improve their management and delegation skills, to strategically grow their business and overcome the challenges of leadership


Training teams and developing people potential for top performance


Helping people to rapidly improve their performance and self-efficiency in all aspects of their lives while keeping their work-life balance

To achieve all of the above, we combine psychology, coaching and personal development. The results that our clients achieve in only 2-3 months are the best testimonial for the efficiency of our unique approach.

Ivanina Zaharieva

Founder, leading consultant & performance coach at U Perform
  • MBA in International management, VU Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Organisational behavior and consulting, MCs, Sofia University, Bulgaria
  • Psychology, BA, Sofia University, Bulgaria
  • Executive & Life Coaching Practitioner, Noble Manhattan UK
  • President of Sofia Coaching Support Group 2015-2017
  • Speaker at international conferences on topics of people development, organizational culture and employer branding
  • Serial entrepreneur with professional background in HRM, organizational development, culture & design, executive and team coaching

Ivanina has been delivering boutique consulting services, outcome-focused leadership development, trainings and coaching to foster effective business performance for the last 10 years. She coaches a wide range of international clients and companies in multiple sectors.

 Her background combines HRM, psychology, organizational studies and her own entrepreneurial experience as the founder and manager of 4 companies. She is one of the founders, Vice President and President of Noble Manhattan’s Sofia Coaching Support Group between 2014-2017. She has been a guest speaker at international forums, public events and on TV.

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